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Your best friend is getting married and it falls to you to arrange and host a wedding shower for the bride to be.

This is your chance to celebrate her as a person and to ensure she has a little fun amidst the stress of planning her wedding day. This could be a lot of work but if you are good a delegating you can elicit some help from family and friends.

Focus on the bride's likes, hobbies, or interests. Once you have chosen the theme you could arrange a small get together to come up with a plan and assign tasks to various individuals. That way you won't get overwhelmed, and you can all have fun planning the wedding shower. Get the party started with these wedding shower theme suggestions...

Wedding Shower Themes

Wedding Shower Poems & Poetry

Here are a few ideas for a poem to use at a bridal shower:-

Wishing Well Bridal Shower Poem

Spices, detergents and gadgets galore,
You have several dozen
But could always use just one more!

If you could bring
Just one of these,
Our bride-to-be
You would surely please.

Wrap it in tissue paper
But your name do not tell!
And she’ll love your little something
Given to wish her well!

Candle Poem for Bridal Shower

A Basket of Candles
For [insert Bride's name]

A basket of candles that come in a pair
In all different colors, for you two to share
The white ones burn first
They are wrapped in white lace
To celebrate your first married night
In your new chosen place.
The green pair is taller, and also much thinner
Burn with the first company, you have over for dinner.
The dark blue candles are for after your first fight
Use them to burn while making up all night.
Pink candles set the mood and pave the way
For your first married Valentine’s Day.
Now, when your first year of marriage is through
The cream anniversary pair, will light for you two.
Red candles aflame, both your futures are bright
Celebrate promotions you’ve worked toward with all of your might.
By this time we hope, maybe, just maybe
You can light the purple ones, on the birth of your baby.
And just when you thought you’d put these away
Take the light blue ones out-for your fifth anniversary day.
Now just one more pair left - for the big 2 5
The anniversary pair that will keep your love alive.
Congratulations [insert Bride and Groom's names]
On the start of your forever
May the two of you always be happy together
And burn these candles
Just the way we said
But please don’t forget-blow them out before bed!

Invitation Poems For Lingerie Bridal Shower

___ and ___ are tying the knot -
And this bridal shower is gonna be hot!
Gifts sure to make it one hell of a night,
and certain to make ___ squeal with delight!

Flannel pajamas are ___________'s night-time attire;
She needs a few things to help light the fire!
A lingerie shower will start her off right,
So let's outfit her for the honeymoon night!

The best bridal poetry may be something which you can adapt to make personal and heartfelt
and could make a great & unique wedding shower gift

Why not try your hand at a verse or two to see what you can come up with?
Maybe you could try writing it with a friend.

Twists on Classic Games for Wedding Showers

By Randy Wilson

When it comes to throwing a wedding shower, do not forget to include classic Games for Wedding Showers. Over the years, guests have come to expect to play these fun games, but many variations have been created of these classics to provide updates over the years. If you are in the planning stages of hosting a wedding shower for a beloved friend who is about to take the long walk down the aisle, think about including a free wedding shower game to entertain everyone.

Bridal Shower Game - Clothespin

One of the popular Games for Wedding Showers is the classic clothespin game.  There are many variations, but the most popular involves passing out clothespins or any other item guests can affix to their clothing and instructing guests to not cross their legs. If anyone catches a guest with her legs crossed, he or she can take the clothespin. The trick of the game is not avoiding crossing your legs, but rather trying to do so without having anyone notice.

Another variation of this wedding shower game includes instructing guests to avoid a certain word. Usually, guests are instructed not to utter words like “wedding,” “bride,” “groom,” or any other matrimonial word. If a guest is caught saying the forbidden word, their clothes pin is taken away and awarded to the individual who caught the slip up.  At the end of the party or at the end of a given amount of time, do a count of everyone’s clothes pins and award a prize to the guest with the most.

Wedding Shower Game - The Memory Game

The memory game is another one of the classic Games for Wedding Showers that tests the memory abilities of all the guests. Compile a collection of wedding related items or pictures of wedding related items in a bag or box. Display the items for a short amount of time, usually a minute, but can be more or less depending on the items in the collection. Put the items away and give the guests a couple of minutes to write down all items they remember. After the time is up, display the objects again and declare the guest who could remember the most items the winner.

A great twist on this wedding shower game is to have an individual bring out the items on a tray. Instruct guests to remember everything they see, and then quiz the guests on the details of the person instead of the items. This twist will surprise many guests, who will have been studying the items instead of the person.

Declare the guest who could best remember the person, their features, and their clothing the winner.

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