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Mother's Day...

A time for warm thoughts and fond memories, for expressing the feelings and words that often go unspoken, for letting those special people in our lives know that they are loved and appreciated - always.

Mothers Day is celebarated on different days and dates around the world. Mothers Day in North America is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

Mothers Day 2020 is Sunday, May 10

Mothers Day (Mothering Sunday)in the United Kingdom falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent.

Mothering Sunday 2020 is Sunday, March 22

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Welcome to Mothers Day poems - we have carefully chosen a small selection of poetry that you may wish to use for your Mom on her special day.

Write it in a card, a letter or email, just let her know how much you care and how special she is to you.

On Mothers Day a blessing and prayer was read out over the women in our church, you can find it at mother's day prayer. It contains some great words of encouragement for mums everywhere.

I Love You Mom

You are such an inspiration to me,
I look to you and see wisdom and strength.
I see gentleness and courage,
hope and determination.

Mum, you represent all that's best about my world,
the good, the inspiring and that determined spirit of yours.

I watch you and learn, and believe I too can be a mom,
like you, for my own daughter.

I hope and pray that one day, she will look at me and
see some of the values that you instilled in me.

Your Love is a Beautiful Gift

Through all that time has rearranged,
Your love has never, ever changed...
It's still the love that understands,
The love of gentle, healing hands,
The love of hugs that warm and cheer,
Of caring words so good to hear.
It still supports and lights the way,
Gives reassurance day by day,
And when uncertainties abound,
Your love shines through and stands its ground...
How beautiful, beyond compare,
This strong, unfailing love you share.

What is a Mother

It takes a Mother's love
to make a house a home,
A place to be remembered,
no matter where we roam

It takes a Mother's patience,
to bring a child up right,
And her courage and her cheerfulness
to make a dark day bright.

It takes a Mother's thoughtfulness
to mend the heart's deep "hurts,"
And her skill and her endurance
to mend little socks and shirts.

It takes a Mother's kindness
to forgive us when we err,
To sympathize in trouble
and bow her head in prayer.

It takes a Mother's wisdom
to recognize our needs
And to give us reassurance
by her loving words and deeds.

It takes a Mother's endless faith,
her confidence and trust
To guide us through the pitfalls
of selfishness and lust.

And that is why in all this world
there could not be another
Who could fulfill God's purpose
as completely as a Mother!

~ Helen Steiner Rice


If I could give you diamonds
for each tear you cried for me.
If I could give you sapphires
for each truth you helped me see.
If I could give you rubies
for the heartache that you've known.
If I could give you pearls
for the wisdom that you've shown.

Then you'll have a treasure, mother,
that would mount up to the skies
That would almost match
the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes.

But I have no pearls, no diamonds,
As I'm sure you're well aware
So I'll give you gifts more precious
My devotion, love and care.

My Mother

My Mother, my friend so dear
Throughout my life you’re always near.
A tender smile to guide my way
You’re the sunshine to light my day.

~ Author Unknown

Here is sample of an Acrostic Poem for Mother's Day

M is for the million things she gave me
O means only that she is growing old,
T is for the tears she shed to save me,
H is for her heart of purest gold;
E is for her eyes, with love ligh shining,
R means right, and right she'll always be,

Put them all together, they spell MOTHER,
A word that means the world to me.

~ Howard Johnson

My Mother

My Mother kept a garden,
A garden of the heart,
She planted all the good things
That gave my life its start.

She turned me to the sunshine
And encouraged me to dream,
Fostering and nurturing
The seeds of self-esteem...

Her constant good example
Always taught me right from wrong -
Markers for my pathway
That will last a lifetime long.

I am my Mother's garden.
I am her legacy -
And I hope today she feels the love
reflected back from me.

You Are Love, For Mom

You are a song of love we know
deep within the heart.
You are the bond that binds us
When we are far apart.

You are the strong foundation
for the home in which we live.
You are conscience and compassion,
teaching us to give.

You are the inspiration
that says to do our best.
You are the voice of reason
telling us to rest.

You are an ancient proverb
whispering wisdon in our ears.
You are a source of comfort
that quiets all our fears.

To My Mom

Your hands were always gentle
When you wiped away my tears
Your arms always a comfort
As you held me through the years
Mom, I'd like to tell you
That even as I've grown
You still place my needs
High above your very own
And don't think that I failed to see
How very much you did for me
The love we shared as you guided my way
Words of thanks I just rarely bothered to convey.
Mom, if I could go back and choose my mother
For me, only the best would do
And I wouldn't change a thing
For the best mother in the world is you!

God's Helpers

God could not be in every place
With loving hands to help erase
The teardrops from each baby’s face,
And so He thought of mother.

He could not send us here alone
And leave us to a fate unknown;
Without providing for His own,
The outstretched arms of mother.

God could not watch us night and day
And kneel beside our crib to pray,
Or kiss our little aches away;
And so He sent us mother.

And when our childhood days began,
He simply could not take command.
That’s why He placed our tiny hand
Securely into mother’s.

The days of youth slipped quickly by,
Life’s sun rose higher in the sky.
Full grown were we, yet ever nigh
To love us still, was mother.

And when life’s span of years shall end,
I know that God will gladly send,
To welcome home her child again,
That ever-faithful mother.

~ George W. Wiseman

Mother O'Mine

If I were hanged on the highest hill,
Mother o'mine, O mother o'mine!
I know whose love would follow me still,
Mother o'mine, O mother o'mine!

If I were drowned in the deepest sea,
Mother o'mine, O mother o'mine!
I know whose tears would come down to me,
Mother o'mine, O mother o'mine!

If I were damned of body and soul,
I know whose prayers would make me whole,
Mother o'mine, O mother o'mine!

~ Rudyard Kipling

Thank You Mom

For every plaster and tear wiped away,
for every meal lovingly prepared,
for every day you took me to the school gate,
for covering up your pain to smile at me,
for allowing me to falter, fall and grow
Thanks Mom!

For your belief in who I could become,
for your love of who I am, always,
for times spent on your knee, hearing stories,
for giving up your dreams, to mother me,
for being everything I needed as a child.
Thanks Mom!


You guided me with your love and caring,
through many years you were always sharing.
Thank you Mom for being there.
and showing me how to love and care.
I love you more than words can say,
You are in my heart and that is where you will stay.

I Love You Mom!

Mother My Dear

Hoping that blessings may brighten your way,
Wishing you happiness day after day,
Trusting your heart will be filled with good cheer,
And loving you tenderly, Mother my dear.

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A Poem About Alzheimer's

Do not ask me to remember.
Don't try to make me understand.
Let me rest and know you're with me.
Kiss my cheek and hold my hand.

I'm confused beyond your concept.
I am sad and sick and lost.
All I know is that I need you
To be with me at all cost.

Do not lose your patience with me.
Do not scold or curse or cry.
I can't help the way I'm acting,
Can't be different 'though I try.

Just remember that I need you,
That the best of me is gone.
Please don't fail to stand beside me,
Love me 'til my life is done.

Your Mother is Always with You

Your mother is always with you
She's the whisper of the leaves
as you walk down the street.

She's the smell of bleach
in your freshly laundered socks.

She's the cool hand on your brow
when you're not well.

Your mother lives inside your laughter.
She's crystallized in every tear drop.

She's the place you came from,
your first home...
She's the map you follow
with every step that you take.

She's your first love and your first heart break...
and nothing on earth can separate you.

Not time, Not space...
Not even death
will ever separate you
from your mother...

You carry her inside of you...

Your Mother

Although you cannot hear her voice
or see her smile no more,
your mother walks beside you still
just as she did before.
She listens to your stories and
she wipes away your tears;
she wraps her arms around you
and she understands your fears.

It's just she isn't visible
to see with human eye,
but talk to her in silence and
her spirit will reply.
You'll feel the love she has for you -
you'll hear her in your heart;
she's left her human body but
your souls will never part.

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